A First Star, our junior sled, stained Early American. Single color stain priced at $65.00

Arctic Star also now offers custom colors - Again, the question is one color or two. We work with our local hardware store to match the shade you request, then top it with three (3) coats of a marine quality spar urethane. 

Single colors start at $ 100.00. Two colors pricing start at $125.00

Drag mats are used for speed control - great for coming downhill, icy trails, etc. Arctic Star's drag mat is permanently mounted around the sled stanchions and can easily be raised and lowered. It can be added to any Arctic Star Dog Sled model for an additional $98.00

Stains - one shade or two ??

In addition to the traditional white ash look of a sled, Arctic Star offers the option to customize your dog sled with color.

We use Minwax oil-based Wood Finish  brand stains.  You can pick up a Minwax stain color chart at most any hardware store nationwide. All stained sleds are then topped by three (3) coats of marine spar urethane.

You can choose either a single color of stain for your sled for an additional $65.00 to the price of your sled ; or go with two tones of stain for $ 90.00 added to the price of your sled.

When doing two different stains, most people stain the curved pieces of the sled ( runners, brush bow and handle) one color; and the remaining " straight pieces"  the second color.

This Star Dust  sports a black and red custom look for an additional

$ 125.00.

A Star Dust model with Red Mahogany runners, brush bow and handle; Colonial Maple on all other pieces. This two-tone option is priced at $90.00



A Super Star sled, custom stained Colonial Maple .Price additional $65.00

Drag mat down and ready to stand on - just pull on the string to return mat to the upright position.

Drag mat in up position when it's not being used.

Extended Width Sleds Available Now.

Arctic Star Dog Sleds now offers an extended width option on most sled models. This option can offer greater stability for those who feel more comfortable on a wider sled. It also increases the cargo area of the sleds accommodating more gear room if you like to carry loads. It will also make the sled easier to get in and out of the basket area if you are using the sled to give rides.

The charge for this option varies on the model chosen. Each sled will be built to order, so please allow time for your sled to be built and delivered. Most often long lead times are not anticipated.

A First Star, colored pink for a special young lady added  $100.00 to the cost of her sled.

All models ofArctic Star Dog Sleds, with the exception of the Rising Star, come with a bar brake as standard outfitting. The Rising Star model comes with a "claw brake" for $450.00. For a price of $490.00,  we offer a Rising Star with a bar brake option. A claw brake works for smaller teams, but many mushers prefer the larger, stronger ( and easier to use) bar brake.